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    At your service, since 1987!

    In the textiles cutting industry.

    Want to know more?

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    in the apparel industry!

    Prêt-à-porter and sampling.

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    Advanced technology!

    ASSYST BULLMER type automatic cutting!

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    Commitment and know-how!

    Manual and automatic cutting.

    Textile fusing.

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    Visit us

    In Castellanza!

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    We do care about the environment!

    Clean, sustainable energy.

     Solar panels area of 100 m².

     Compliant industrial waste disposal.

We are open from 8AM to 5PM – Monday to Friday!

Our staff is at your disposal for any kind of information.

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About us

We started in 1987 as a small handcraft family business. Specialised in apparel, prêt-à-porter and sampling, we operate in the textile cutting industry for third parties.

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Our business

We do automatic and manual cut, textile fusing.
We work since more than twenty years for your best risults!

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For more information watch our video and discover our technologies!

Our work

Our services

ASSYST BULLMER – PROCUT L5001 – High-level performances in terms of speed, precision and accuracy, allow us to cut multilayered fabrics up to 50 millimeters thick. Our machinery can be moved, using tracks, on more spreading tables to ensure maximum productive efficiency.
Our cutting room is equipped with a RIMOLDI type bandsaw, cutters, power scissors, textile boring machines. Naturally, we also have all the classic manual cutting tools at our disposal, which allow us to tailor our work for specific needs.
We are equipped with 3 spreading tables, respectively 7, 12 and 14 mt long. Used for textile spreading, they are equipped for automatic and manual cut for large-scale productions.
We use a MARTIN type fusing machine with drawers that can press panels up to 70x140 centimeters. Thanks to the high temperature and pressure we can achieve excellent results with materials that are particularly hard to stick together.